South India's Largest Suppliers of Non Woven Fabrics and Importer of Bag Making Machines.

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AKTECH MITHRA MARKETING (INDIA) PVT. LTD. is one of the fastest growing companies in a very short time. Our company started its operations in March 2016 at Cochin, the metro city of Kerala, India. The company initially was engaged in the sale of cotton bags and non-woven shopper bags in wholesale markets. In the year 2017 we began to aggregate some of the major bag suppliers under one roof. Then, in the same year, we started to supply fabrics and bag making machines from the manufacturers in various parts of India.

This year, that’s in 2018, we have started to import more machineries from worldwide sources. Aktech has signed agreements with various overseas companies for the exclusive distribution of their products and thus their unique machines have made their presence in India. At present, the company is upgrading its operations in all aspects, including the infrastructure, sales and service strategies, production, and research and development. We all are happy to be a part of the team that aims for a revolutionary change.

We're Passionate About Bag Making Technologies.

If you've used any sort of carry bags in the last two years, you already know us. We're the company that pioneered in the production of ecofriendly bags and for the last two years it is in full swing. When we started our journey in 2016, our only goal was marketing the carry bags. At the time, we noticed everyone was using low quality non-woven fabric bags (which is called non-virgin), made from recycled plastics along with other materials (like below 50% pp and above 50% CaCo3). Then we realized the importance of educating the public and the sellers and suppliers about the ecofriendly carry bags. By then, the markets were controlled by the manufactures of fabric and bag making companies. So, we had the task of convincing all of them. Later, we moved to the idea of aggregating various bag manufactures by empowering them with the latest technology to help reduce the cost of bag production. Therefore, we began supplying high-tech bag making machines and high quality fabrics according to our clients’ requirements.

Today Aktech Mithra Marketing (India) Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the fastest growing companies that supplies virgin fabrics (cotton & non-woven) in south India. We have a dedicated technical team with the capability and knowhow to initiate technological improvements for recycling of polypropylene and other ecofriendly bags.

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